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Recycling Services London

We can supply

  • Wheeled bins of all sizes
  • Skips and compactors
  • Rear end loaders

If you have a particular requirement, get in touch to discuss it. We can deal with your WEEE/hazardous waste through established relationships with trusted specialist companies.

We operate a fleet of modern vehicles, fully compliant with the latest emission controls and fitted with the latest on board weighing technology. Earlier this year we grew our fleet to ensure we continue to deliver a first-class waste management service.

Recycling Services London

Our vehicles are all fitted with satellite tracking systems in order that we can record when and where our vehicles are, this takes the guess work out of any service issues.

We have bins suitable for all types and volumes of recycling and waste. From 120 litre wheelie bins to 1100 litre bins, rear end loaders and skips!

Where you have the volume of material to warrant the use of a compactor, we have the equipment available for you to rent a fully maintained unit rather than burden your business with a long-term lease.

Compacting waste enables you to reduce the frequency of collections, saving you money.

A rotary bag compactor is an ideal choice if you are short of storage space, this is especially popular with our city centre customers managing hotels and offices.

Roll on/off and skip compactors

These machines are for the serious waste producer! The roro unit can take up to 10 tonnes of general waste at a time, the equivalent of a full dust cart in one visit!

Recycling Services London


These machines are most often used for bulky lightweight material such as cardboard. We all know that a few boxes will fill a wheelie bin with little more than fresh air, whilst a baler will compact it into a manageable bale that can be stored and collected when required.

Our bins and skips

We can accommodate any volume and type of waste, you can choose any comination of bins, skips, roro's and balers/compactors to suit your needs.

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